Updates your Neo4j-GraphQL schema by calling the graphql.idl procedure.

In order to update your Neo4j-GraphQL schema, you can use the neo4jIDLexport, which sends a request to Neo4j to call the graphql.idl procedure using the typeDefs you provide.

Block strings in @cypher directives are supported by turning them into single line statements before sending the call to graphql.idl.

API Reference

  • typeDefs (required): Your GraphQL type definitions in SDL format.

  • driver(required): Your Neo4j driver instance (More info here).

  • log (default: false): Logs result from operation.



type Movie @model {
title: String!
released: Int
actors: [Person] @relation(name:"ACTED_IN",direction:IN)
# computed field
directors: [Person] @cypher(statement: """
MATCH (this)<-[:DIRECTED]-(d) RETURN d
type Person @model {
name: String!
born: Int
movies: [Movie] @relation(name:"ACTED_IN")
type Query {
coActors(name:ID!): [Person] @cypher(statement:"""
MATCH (p:Person {name:$name})-[:ACTED_IN]->()<-[:ACTED_IN]-(co)
RETURN distinct co
type Mutation {
rateMovie(user:ID!, movie:ID!, rating:Int!): Int @cypher(statement: """
MATCH (p:Person {name:$user}),(m:Movie {title:$movie})
MERGE (p)-[r:RATED]->(m) SET r.rating=$rating
RETURN r.rating
schema {
query: Query
mutation: Mutation
import { neo4jIDL } from 'neo4j-graphql-binding';
typeDefs: typeDefs,
driver: driver,
log: true